Not a goodbye… just a see you around

They say all good things must come to an end. Whether it be a first love, or the pure joy of being a kid, the end of a good book, the cliffhanger ending to one of your favorite TV shows, the last drop from the bottle of your favorite wine. It’s never fun when they end but they often lead to good memories unless the breakup was bad or you drank the last drop out of too many bottles of wine… I won’t mention any family or family friends who may have helped me polish off a bottle or two before we really started drinking.

This isn’t an end or a goodbye letter but rather an I’ll see you around message. I’ve been on twitter for quite some time. I’ve had good experiences and I’ve had my bad. I’ve met some incredibly intelligent people and had wonderful conversations covering numerous topics. If you’ve received a DM from me at any time or a shout out of encouragement know that your relationship with me meant something. That I took your well being as serious as my own. I’m not going to completely disappear. Those of you who know me will still hear from me and I’m hoping your communication with me won’t end.

We are all fighting something. We are all struggling at some point or another. The thing I loved the most is that we were fighting TOGETHER. We are and will always be a family. The strength in numbers is a comforting thing. Its comforting to know someone is beside you when you are in the dark. But it’s time for me to break off from the family and start to explore my own ventures.

As many of you know I’ve been struggling to find my place on twitter. I enjoy being able to help others and send out encouraging tweets. I love being able to have meaningful conversations about mental health. It’s so amazing to see how many lives are being touched by the work of all of you. Those tweets you send out that might seem so meaningless can move mountains for someone else so don’t stop. Never think that your voice is less meaningful or less powerful than anyone else’s. You never know how many people are hanging on for that word of encouragement that you might be afraid to share. Each of you are your own individual. Don’t allow your thoughts and opinions go unheard.

The biggest struggle I’ve had with twitter is whether I’ve used it as a crutch for far to long. Twitter is easy, twitter is comfortable. Twitter in most cases requires little effort. I’m done with baby steps. I need more than to just reach out to those who are already in the battle. After careful reflection I truly believe my purpose is to begin finding ways to speak to those who have no idea about mental health. I need to find ways into businesses, into churches, into places that are outside my comfort zone. I need educate. I need to find my way in helping to end the stigma.

I don’t know how, or even where I’ll begin but I believe that if we are going to end the stigma we must stop passing the can around the same campfire and get out and reach people that have yet to understand mental health. Selfcare and being there for others is an amazing thing, but for me I don’t want another generation to have to deal with what we deal with on a daily basis.

I wish you all the best of luck, thank you for all your support and kind words. And remember I’ll still be around.


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